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  • Tura

    Tura is the long eastern continent of [[Daitara]]. Tura is largely lush sprawling rain forests and jungles, with a few deserts to the north east, and the massive [[Duin]] river that runs through the entire continent.

  • Khara

    Khara is a coastal trading nation in [[Tura | Tura]], with a skilled navy, but they rely on the elemental cults that are an unacknowledged part of their society to defend during a war, and their navy focuses on protecting trade. Khara's population is …

  • Setera

    Setara is a Turan nation occupying a chain of islands off the coast of [[Khara | Khara]]. Setara's population is a mix of humans and half-orcs. The half-orcs originated from one of the islands, where the local orc tribe mixed with the human colonists.