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  • Zhadun

    Zhadun is an ancient dwarf civilization that once spanned across the Carridion Sea, from [[Tura | Tura]] to the Shaili Mountain Range. Originally a collection of nomadic tribes in the Audrin Dunes, two brothers, Huldram and Mharis, united the tribes and …

  • Auntara

    Auntara is the western of two vast land-masses to the north, each of which is connected to the other by a small land bridge and qualifies as a continent. The eastern continent is [[Jegalet | Jegalet]].

  • Drusal Republic

    The Drusal Republic is one of several fragments of the ancient [[Zhadun | Zhadun Empire]] that gained independence during the Worshipers Rebellion. The Drusal Republic spans the Genne Dunes, the Khammus Desert and the Drusal mountain range. Originally …